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you dont have to say whats on your mind...

I havent seriously touched this thing in a long time and tonight it just seemed perfect to get back into the groove of writing and seriously thinking.
My life has changed a lot since the last time ive written in this. I dont even know if anyone even has me on their friends list anymore. Truth...i cant stand myspace anymore and for a long time before anyone even knew about myspace i had one, but now its become dumb and its not really worth my time anymore.
as i sit here at brandons house the only person im thinking about is richie. Weve been dating for two months now and although were moving at a fast pace nothing has ever felt so right to me. if all goes to plan were getting our own place in a couple months and well hopefully stay together for a long time. Before with brandon things never felt like this and yes were beyond serious, but it didnt feel safe and i didnt feel like he was the one.
im happy. hes happy. His friends like me. His parents seem to like me, my family adores him, were perfect.
and you know im in this amazing relationship now and its openned my eyes to see who my true friends are. Ive always heard the term your friends before boys...this time i kind of basically said fuck it and chose the boy. Why!? Because he seemed more there and more worth it than a couple of drama filled girls. you always know when that person comes along ive heard and from the moment that i saw him at elliots party i knew. I knew he was different. It was an instant attraction and after that we basically spent everyday together. Hes my favorite and no one has ever made me feel like happy before. YAY!
other than that...not much has changed. Still working the same job. No raise. Still working my ass off. I have amazing friends who i love to death. i dont know where i would be without tyler. Hes my best friend right now and i just wish he lived closer so we could see each other more than just at work.
a more serious post coming soon. Just had to update everyone on whats going on!

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Last night i spent all day from 9:30 until 1am filming the "two feathers" video with my cousin as his assistant. The guys were great to work with and omg! I CANT wait until that shit is done. Everyone should go to my myspace and add Marias Arcade. They are amazing!

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Let me touch it...

this is what my weeks have consisted of lately...
getting high at playgrounds
passing pee tests
going out with my girls
letting go of old friends who are stuck in high school
meeting every boy whos name starts with J.
Hanging out with Misty and Haley.
working at pendleton
getting hid on at the airport more times than i can count
let me touch it...hahaha LUCY!
Metting boys with Lucys mom.
Falling on stephanies gravel driveway. ouch.
going to 15th street.
ditching my stalker.
hooking up with a marine.
going to the rose festival.
hanging out with josh and jon.
filling out job applications at the airport.
delivering a huge dog to lucy!
Hooking up with Jon.
Getting drunk with Jon.
throwing up at out of bounce. hahaha.
getting kissed and holding hands even though i threw up...

i like him and i dont want to like him.

I miss Jon. Come back sooner...
Mr. Lacey

naked pictures

im sitting on lucys flash is going off and skin is being showed.

im dead tired.

and ive had one of the most boring nights of my life.

why wont he kiss me already?
Mr. Lacey

because im getting married!

Seattle in a week.

Dinner with Traci on Staurday night.

Kegger, bar hopping, and a house party Friday night. PLUS STEVE!!!

and going to NY in May to see FOB with sammy...knock on wood.

AND also possibly seeing Brand New in B.more. with Sammy. cant get any better.


It could get worst if we ran into Brandon...but that wont happen.

Sammy...if youre reading this, which i hope you are...what do you say to Brand New? We have to go together.

and Rachel...i called you twice, you must be a busy lady.

Mr. Lacey


Im fine. Im fine with us not talking. Im fine with you being mad at me because through out all of this i realized that i shouldnt even call you a friend if you dont trust my word over my friends. Seeing that i was the one who dated you and you dont trust me, but yet i spent money i dont have to see you. Why is that? Why was i trying to impress you when you have never done anything for me. You were just a waste of my time and im so angry that it took me so long to see that.

Ive started to write a lot more now and i miss typing in this thing and i miss reading your LJ's, I miss my friends, i miss get togethers, i miss meeting new people at Sharis, I miss smoking, I miss going to shows.

I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day. Im single, but i couldnt be happier, why should we express our love for one person just one day, why not everyday?

Im single and for the first time in a long time im okay with that. I dont need a boy, i dont need Brandon, I dont need Glen.

Im getting my number changed, ill make sure to give it out to those who have my current number...i just feel like a new person and i need to leave a lot of people behind. I know its odd, why get a new number? I guess i dont want him calling me ever again. Like i said, im fine with us never talking again, it ended on the worst note, but things like that sometimes happen. What did we expect?

Its time for me to meet a new boy and to be happy with what ive got in my life. I already wasted to much time on Brandon, Chase, Glen, and so on and so fourth.

Im single and that means going out to parties, drinking, being with my friends, going to bars, going on trips, meeting guys, not worrying about if hes cheating on me or what hes doing at that moment, fuck that 21...i need to be single right now, i have the rest of my life to be in a serious relationship and experience love.

Im I never thought i would reach 21. Im 21. It feels good to say that.

It felt good to go out this weekend and be with my girls, go to the strip bar, have a ciggerate, stay out until 6am, see Steve, catch up with some of the greatest people ive ever met, meet new friends (shanna), watch movies all day in PJs with my girls, see the ex and not feel any attachment to him, but just sex. Yes, sex...and Brandon thinks i like sex A LOT...its not my fault he lost his libido...there is nothing wrong with sex...its not like i sleep around...and if he thinks i cry to much, its because of him...because he frusterates me so much that he leaves me with no choice but to just cry sometimes.

Im single.

Im happy.

Im 21.

I have great friends.

Great family.

Im a 4.0 student AGAIN.

I dont really have anything to doubt myself on and im not waiting for you...if you call me, youre already to not going to go visit you doubted me, you dont trust me...why would i go see you?

Im tired of waiting for someone, i think its time someone waited for me.


James Blunt April 2 or 5th...

FOB, AAR, and FFTL-March something

Take Action Tour-March 31st!

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GO HERE RIGHT NOW...I promise you might either love it...or hate it. I find it very very interesting.

<3 Please.

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